How To Break Back Pain At Work!

Christmas is now a thing of last year and it’s back to the grind of the 9 -5. But if you’re looking for a reason to take more breaks at work (and who isn’t during January?) the following statistics may be all you need to get away from your desk.

New research has revealed that only 17% of British workers take a full hour for their lunch breaks and the massive 83% who don’t could be facing health and productivity impacts.*

If you are one of the many people that experience back pain at work, your desk-hogging habits could be the culprit!

Our team at our Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic has some great advice to get you up and about during your work time:

  • Set lunchtime goals such as specific walking targets to encourage you to get away and take a sufficient break. Tell a colleague about your plans so that they can help to keep you motivated.
  • Look out for any opportunities to exercise during your work time. This could be taking the stairs instead of the lift or walking around the block during your breaks.
  • Park the car a little further away from your office or get off your bus or train one or two stops earlier and walk the rest of the journey to work.

It’s the New Year – there’s no better time to start taking this health-boosting advice!
* Research carried out on behalf of Mastercard by Ipsos MORI

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