Can Your Marriage Survive the Test of Back Pain?

Chronic pain can have a domino effect — not only can it disrupt your life and force you to manage pain, it can also change your personal relationships. According to our team at Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic, interactions with your partner, children, family, and friends can alter in many ways due to the physical limitations and emotional strain that come from living with chronic pain.

Partners of those suffering from chronic pain can face major challenges of their own. If you’re partner deals with daily pain, you may have to take on more household and parenting responsibilities. If your partner is no longer able to work, you may also face financial stress. And of course, this is on top of possibly not being able to enjoy the activities you once did in your partnership.

But your relationship doesn’t have to suffer because of chronic pain. And communication and understanding is key! Instead of letting pain define your relationship, talk openly and honestly about what is needed to enhance the quality of your life together. Chronic pain may be a part of your relationship, but it is not your entire relationship.

We are always here to discuss pain management techniques.

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