Don’t Let A Myth About Back Pain Delay You Seeking Help

Our chiropractors at our busy clinic in Hounslow treat many patients on a daily basis who are suffering back pain. It’s not uncommon for our chiropractors to hear patients share a common myth surrounding back pain. This myth may have prevented the patient from seeking treatment from our chiropractors sooner than they could have.

The most common myths related to back pain relate to rest being the best thing for back pain and also that taking medication will get rid of back pain. Unfortunately in many instances of back pain these two actions will not prove helpful in the long term.

If you are suffering back pain then our chiropractors recommend that you seek advice from a chiropractor, your GP or other medical professional.

There are many different types of back pain with different causes and the key to getting the right treatment for your back pain is to get an accurate diagnosis of the type of back pain you have.

Don’t let a myth delay you seeking professional advice.

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