Don’t Let The Baking Bug Get To Your Back

The Great British Bake Off is back and in full swing and it has reminded our chiropractors at Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic of the need for all you keen (or not even so keen) bakers and cooks out there to keep your backs safe when baking.

It’s all to easy to forget that we put our backs at  risk doing every day activities. Here are some simple pieces of advice fro our chiropractor to help keep your back safe when baking.

Working at a counter top that’s too high can cause back problems. Stopping over for period of time puts pressure on your back. If your counter top is too high then you can spread your feet further apart to lower your height you can also use a chopping board to help raise the height of the surface you are working at.

It’s surprising how much lifting,bending and carrying you do when baking ( or even shopping for ingredients!). Always think about yoru back and remember to bend at the knees especially when lifting pr putting down objects.

Take regular breaks and do some simple stretches – your body and back will thank you.

Don’t let the baking bug get to your back follow the advice from our Hounslow Chiropractors to keep our back safe.

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