Frightening Facts About Back Pain

Halloween may be just around the corner, but there is nothing more horrifying than having to live with chronic pain! Here our team at our Family Chiropractic clinic in Hounslow share some reasons why you should look after your back:

1: Back Pain Gets in the Way of Life

Back pain is more than just an inconvenience – many people say that it impacts on their daily lives, including getting in the way of sleep, social activities and work.

2: Only 20% of People Dodge Back Pain

8 out of 10 of us will suffer from back pain at some point during our lives. We’ve all got a big risk of picking up a back injury, so we all need to look after our spines.

3: Office Workers Suffer More

It’s simply a myth that people who stand more are more likely to develop back pain. In fact, back pain is not more common in those who sit down for prolonged periods of time.

Nothing’s worth the risk of a lifetime of pain, so start giving your spine the TLC it needs to thrive!

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