Get more active in 2016 – The simple and free way

2016, it’s a new year and the one where you get more active. At least that’s what a lot of us said at the beginning, but we’re already struggling with motivation.

As busy Hounslow chiropractors we do see a lot of our patients struggle with motivation and we’d like to help.

Maintaining your efforts

The key to keeping up momentum is starting well and forming habits. Starting out is important because you need to start small. If you start big you’re more likely to find it too difficult and give up.

Once you’ve started small you can build up your activity in small steps. As a busy Hounslow chiropractor we know that starting well isn’t enough. We see many of our patients need more than a good start, they need good habits.

All you need to do is keep up the work for a few weeks (around 3) and without realising it will; become the norm to you. So taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking the long way home or parking at the back of a car park can become normal to you. Keep at it in the early stages.

As well as forming habits it is important to mix up your programme a bit so you don’t get bored, you could also join a group for social motivation and as always set yourself a clear end goal to focus on.

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