Incredible facts about your spine

Your spine is an amazing thing! Here at our Hounslow chiropractic clinic, we are continuously learning new things about our incredible back bones. And we think you’ll be interested to know some of these wonderful facts too. So read on… and you may just be surprised:

1: You’re born with more vertebrae than what you have as an adult

You may only have 26 vertebrae now, but you were actually born with 33! As you grow, combinations join together to make what becomes your tailbone and the back of your pelvis.

2: Your spine grows in space

Did you know that following a trip to space, astronauts return to Earth a few inches taller? This is due to cartilage expanding without the presence of gravity.  Gravity has the opposite effect down on Earth. That is why many people seem to shrink with age.

3: Your spine is more than a bone!

You may have always assumed that your spine is just one big bone but it is actually made up of over 100 muscles, over 200 ligaments and 100 joints!

 Look after your spine. It really is an amazing part if your body!

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