Keep Your Back Safe On Your Smartphone!

We all know by now that spending too much time hunched over a Smartphone or tablet is bad news for our spines. Yet most of us seem to carry on using these devices excessively anyway.

While it can seem impossible to imagine a life without technology, our team at our Family Chiropractic Clinic in Hounslow has some tips to ensure you don’t put your back health at risk:

  • Always maintain good posture. Make a focused effort not to slouch over your phone or computer and always take regular breaks to walk around.
  • When using a PC or laptop, sit at a desk or a table with a chair that provides enough support for your spine. You should be aiming for a position where your shoulders, hips and knees are facing the same direction with your feet resting flat on the floor.
  • To avoid unnecessary strain on your spine, sit with your head directly over your body instead of hunching it forwards.

Start applying these tips straight away when using technology. They could just save you from a seriously unhealthy back.

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