Little Known Natural Pain Busters

Looking for a natural way to ease your pain? Our team at our Hounslow Family Chiropractic clinic has some surprising tips that could just work wonders for you:

1: Eat hot

Ironically, eating painfully spicy foods can help to reduce chronic pain. If you can handle the hot stuff, try adding wasabi and cayenne pepper to your diet as they can act as natural painkillers.

2:  Take Epsom salt

You may not know this but magnesium-rich Epsom salt is a natural painkiller for joint and muscle pain.

3:  Get some bones down you

Back in the “olden days”, you weren’t eating well unless you were regularly munching on bone broth! Although its name isn’t exactly appealing, bone broth contains important minerals that your body can easily absorb, and can help to reduce inflammation, arthritis and joint pain.

You learn something new every day!

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