Mums – Tips For A Healthy Back

Being a mum can put a lot of stress and strain on your back and with Mother’s Day fast approaching our team of chiropractors at the Family Chiropractic Clinic in Hounslow wanted to help mums especially those with babies and toddlers take care of their backs.

If you’re a mum of a baby or toddler you may have been surprised at how much lifting and carrying is involved in taking care of your little one. If your not lifting and carrying then you’re bound to be lugging around a mound of things that go along with them such as puschairs, prams, travel cots, changing bags etc..

In this post we want to focus on making sure you’re protecting your back when carrying your baby or toddler:

Carrying your baby:

If you are carrying your baby for an extended period of time using a carrier or sling is a good option. To ensure that your baby’s weight is evenly distributed select one that has a “criss-cross”at the back. Always read the instructions that come with the carrier to ensure you are using it correctly. It is preferable to carry you baby as close as possible to your centre of gravity. When not using a carrier or sling, keep your baby’s weight close to your body, with your spine straight.

Carrying your toddler:

If you are carrying your toddler for a distance then it’s advisable to use a backpack carrier. This form of carrier ensures your baby’s weight is evenly distributed across your back. Ensure you adjust the shoulder and waist straps accordingly.

Our team at Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic wish all mums a very happy Mother’s Day.

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