New Year New You – improve your posture with advice from your local Hounslow Chiropractor

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It is a New Year and many of us will have committed to making changes to our lifestyle for the better. As a leading Hounslow Chiropractor we suggest you target your posture for improvement.

Poor posture and a lack of activity can cause you a lot of back pain and the resulting problems that come with it but with a few simple changes you can keep your back nice and healthy.

Regular strengthening

We begin with a warm up. Ensure you’re stood up straight with your head held high; be sure to hold your shoulders, hips, ears, knees and ankle in a straight line.

From here you need to move to a position as if you’re about to perform a star jump, with your legs apart and your arms out to your sides.

Facing forward you need to place one hand down your side and the opposite hand needs to be raised in the air above your head. Slowly stretch one arm over your head whilst the other moves down your leg. Then swap arms and repeat (at least twice).

Return back to the star position and turn your head to one side, looking at one of your hands. Slowly move your hand behind you keeping a straight arm while keeping your eye on the hand. Then change to your other hand and repeat.

Once you’ve done the warm up and stretching it is time for some strengthening exercise which will improve your posture.

For further advice on getting better posture please get in touch with us or check out some of our previous blog posts.

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