On Your Bike For Bike Week

June 9th sees the start of Bike Week. Every year Cycling UK organise a week long event to promote cycling. It also take the opportunity to highlight the many benefits of cycling which includes health, social and environmental benefits.

As chiropractors at  our busy family chiropractic clinic in Hounslow we urge everyone to be more active in their daily lives. Cycling is a great activity and is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. It has so many benefits including to help you:

  • improve the health of your heart and immune system
  •  manage your weight
  •  reduce stress, anxiety and improve mental health
  •  sleep better
  •  improve your fitness

Cycling has been getting increasingly popular with people not only cycling in their leisure times but also cycling to and from work, school and colleges. If you are starting out and wondering where on earth to cycle to there are a host of websites offering route maps and cycle route information. There are also organisation who organise cycle rides in local communities and all kinds of groups you can join to cycle with. Use any search engine such as Google and type in ‘cycle routes hounslow’ for example and you’ll be surprised we’re sure at the host of information you will have at your fingertips.

So you need never be alone. Get on your bike and enjoy.



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