Online Christmas Shopping Can Be A Pain

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? The chances are if you are like millions of others you’ll at some point go online whether it’s to research or to buy your Christmas presents or goods this year. From the turkey to socks for dad they can all be bought online and more and more of us are choosing to shop online.

Whilst on the face of it, spending your time at your computer or on the sofa with your laptop may seem less harmful on your body than walking and standing around for hours, going around the shops, and certainly avoiding all the lifting and carrying of shopping bags! However, spending hours at your computer, laptop or mobile device with a poor seated posture puts pressure and stresses on your body which can lead to back pain.

Our chiropractors at Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic want you to have a pain free time this Christmas. They can’t stress enough the importance of having and maintaining a good seated position for the health of your spine.

Our Computer Posture Advice page has great advice for setting yourself up for a good posture at your computer and there’s even a video you can watch to take you through the steps.

Please take 10 minutes out to follow the advice and ensure you keep your back safe.



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