Suffering Tennis Elbow But Never Held A Tennis Racket?

Two weeks of Wimbledon has put tennis at the fore front of our minds and has had our chiropractors here at Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic thinking about a condition that’s often referred to as Tennis Elbow.

Tennis Elbow, medically known as Lateral Epicondylitis, is a condition that causes pain around the elbow. Suffering from it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have been hard at it on the tennis court, however, the condition typically develops following strenuous overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm. The same muscles and tendons that are used when playing tennis, which is why it has the name.

For many people tennis elbow may clear up after a few days. However, if you have been suffering for sometime with no respite it s advisable to seek medical advice.

As chiropractors we are trained to diagnose, treat, mange and prevent disorders of the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, and muscles), as well as the effects these disorders can have on the nervous system and general health. Whilst we, as chiropractors, are well known for treating back and neck pain, we can help treat a range of conditions including elbow pain ot tennis elbow from back and neck pain.

If you are suffering tennis elbow the why not call us on 020 8230 1088 to book an appointment with one of our chiropractors who can help and advise you.


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