The state of Britain’s back health revealed

To mark Chiropractic Awareness Week in April, the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) revealed the results of consumer research undertaken into the state of the nation’s back health. The BCA has developed a map highlighting how different regions are faring with regards to back health and also which regions are doing the most, or ;east, to look after their back and neck health.

The research reveals significant differences across regions, with rates of the number of people experiencing back and neck pain varying by more than 17%. People in the South East have the best back and neck health with 40% of people complaining of pain. This is in stark comparison to 57% of people in Northern Ireland saying they are suffering back and neck pain.

Londoners, according to the research, are most likely to take proactive steps to prevent back or neck pain before it occurs.

The survey yet again supports other research that shows back and neck pain to be on the increase.

If you are suffering back pain right now you’ll know the impact it is having on your life.

Back pain can be painful, debilitating, and for some people it is a recurring problem!. It can affect you from sleeping to standing, to sitting, to picking up your kids – back pain can be all encompassing.

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