Travelling this summer? Our Hounslow Chiropractor offers this advice

bad back travelThe summer holidays are here and to many of us that means one thing…Holiday time! Whatever you’re doing for your holiday, it will likely involve a bit of travelling.

As well as being quite boring, travelling can also be damaging on your neck and back. As leading Hounslow chiropractors we have some useful advice for you to bear in mind this year.

Before you go

Preparation is important;

  • Pack only what you need and travel light.
  • As busy Hounslow Chiropractors we recommend luggage with wheels and if you can’t do this then a strong rucksack which distributes the weight evenly will do a good job.
  • Always remember two bags are better than one. Share the load with other passengers.

If you’re driving

  • Ensure your driving position is correct. You want a slight bend at the elbows when your hands are on the steering wheel.
  • Take regular breaks. It is important to take regular breaks and stretch out. Being leading Hounslow Chiropractors recommend a break every 40 minutes but every 2 hours will still help.
  • Don’t wear tight and restrictive clothing

On a bus, train or plane

  • Keep hydrated and relaxed – It is important you keep hydrated as dehydration will exaggerate muscle pains.
  • Do some exercises – You will be stuck in your seat for a long time, so make sure you are doing a few seat exercises to keep your blood circulating and your body limbered up.
  • Go for walks – When you can get up and about, do it and stretch off. It will really help.
  • Remember to lift your luggage properly and avoid over stretching or lifting too heavy a bag (your prep work should come in useful here).

For more useful advice on keeping your back and neck safe whilst on your summer holidays please get in touch.


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