Visiting family for Easter? Watch out for back pain problems this year

The Easter holidays are nearly upon us and for a lot of you that means visiting your family. In the main this is a pleasant experience but as a busy Hounslow Chiropractor I can tell you that it isn’t all plain sailing.

That doesn’t mean I hate visiting my family, it means I know the problems going for a trip to family can lead to back pain issues.

Looking after your back

Going for a trip to see friends or family often involves travelling whether by public transport or driving. It often involves carrying heavy bags and can involve sleeping on the floor. It will almost certainly mean getting cramped up in a house that is far too small for the entire family.

All of this can pose problems for you back so be careful, follow good posture rules, avoid sitting and sleeping awkwardly and follow good lifting practices.

If you do want advice on back pain and how to avoid it, please feel free to get in touch.


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