Testimonials for Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic

What others say about chiropractic care at Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic can help you make the right health care choice. We would like to thank all of our patients who have shared their experiences and would invite you to come and see us.

Here are a selection of testimonials that have been provided by our patients. You can read many more on the walls of our Clinic!

Simon M

I came to the clinic with lower back pain and stiffness.

This was starting to impact my work and life generally.

After an initial assessment and X – ray it became apparent that further treatment on my back was necessary and over the next 3 weeks I came for a treatment twice a week.

I was also recommended a series of exercises to do at home and these together with twice weekly sessions at the clinic have helped me enormously.

The advice given on how to sit, lie in bed, keep hydrated properly had all been invaluable and makes you constantly think about your posture and how to remain healthy.

Thank you to Lisa and Laura at Hounslow Chiropractic Clinic.

Nishi S

I have been coming to the clinic for over 5 years now. It has always helped me strengthen my back and shoulders and correct my

posture on regular basis.

I will definitely recommend Dr Lisa and Hounslow Chiropractic Clinic.



Ines B

I had lower back pain for the last 10 years. My condition was so bad that every single day I complained of hip aches. I would get so tired that I was unable to work.

I told friends and family and one of them decided to seek treatment at Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic.

When I visited the practice I was made to feel welcome on the onset and at each treatment everything was explained to me in terms that I understood.

After attending my weekly sessions I have noticed a lot of improvement.

Chiropractic adjustments have improved my posture and sleep quality.

Now I feel so much better and stronger and it allows me to go about my day in less pain and with more mental clarity.

Thank you so much Dr Terry for the pain resolving treatment you have administered to me.

Fatuma A

I was suffering from extreme pain in my neck and shoulder, non-stop headache and lower back pain especially when I am walking. It affected my daily life due to poor movements where I was unable to perform my daily tasks and also affected my sleeping pattern. I have used physiotherapy, epidural injections and all kind of different pain killers which none has controlled the pain at all.

Since I have started the Chiropractic care it took up to 6 weeks to feel better. My life has improved greatly as my work includes long hours of standing where I was struggling to cope every day.  I came to the point where I thought of changing career, but now with the help of Dr. Terry I feel normal again and in control of life.

I have the benefit of less pain; I am more energetic than before that I can perform my daily tasks without feeling fatigued and good sleeping patterns.

Chiropractic care is important even after the symptoms have been relieved not only to eliminate that pain but also to promote the wellness of the body as a whole, which is important to our health.

Rona B

I have been coming to this clinic since 1998 as I have several conditions – spondylosis, degeneration in the spine, scoliosis. It causes stiffness in the neck and shoulders and very strong pain in the joints.

This pain can be very severe and stops me from doing anything and I end up having a lot of strong painkillers which affected my memory and left me feeling weak. Since I started my care chiropractic adjustment reduced the effects of these illnesses and aches. Usually after I have adjustment I immediate feel relief and improve in energy and posture.

Dr Siobhan is very experienced and caring. She is also gentle in her approach and really listens to the patient needs and can understand exactly how to get to the spot that is hurting. Chiropractic treatment has changed my life, increased my energy, and allowed me to have some normality in my daily routine. I am able to do much more things, my memory is improved; I sleep better because I have less pain.

I have seen so many doctors throughout these years but I must say Dr. Siobhan is one of the best doctors I met. Doctor Siobhan takes her time and uses many different methods to get to the pain and eliminate it. I am very happy to have Dr. Siobhan and hope she stays with us for a long time.

Justyna P

When I first came to Hounslow Chiropractic Clinic I could hardly walk due to the pain in my heels.  My daily routine is very busy, but it changed radically as the pain was affecting everything I was doing, I had to take time off work and even picking up my son from school was a challenge.

I’ve tried variety of different treatments, also deep tissue massage, but it helped me only temporary.

My friend recommended seeing Dr. Terry at Hounslow Chiropractic Clinic.

I’m amazed how these treatments have helped me!

I’ve had that problem for many months and what a major change this is. I feel better and have more energy, since I can take walks and feel great. I am also able to return back to work, have quality time with my children and enjoy pain free life.

I am very grateful that I tried chiropractic. I’m not taking any pain medications anymore. Thank you so much for helping me feel better.

Svetlana K

I was suffering from chronic migraine and back pain; I used to take medications from 13 year old. I felt more dependent on my illness and it affected my professional and social live very negatively. Migraine attacks were excluding me from my active life – sometimes for even 3 – 5 days and my family was spending more time without me, I felt left out because of my health condition.

After couple of months attending my chiropractic sessions I noticed the improvement. Also I was advised I need to drink plenty of water.

I feel much better and have less chronic pain; the migraine feels lighter and not that strong as before, I am taking fewer medications, also my sleep improved and I am more active in my daily life; I can spend more time studying and with my family; exercising or jogging in the park with my daughter and partner. Planning attend yoga classes as well. I achieved good results as a student at university, got a scholarship.

I consider myself more healthy and happy now.

From my personal point of view, Chiropractic care improving the quality of life and that’s beneficial emotionally, so you not only feel healthy and energetic, but also exploding this positive energy around yourself.

Laxmichand S

I came to Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic on 24th March 2017. I was suffering from pain on my right loin near the kidney & liver; it affected my sleep pattern as I experienced severe shooting pains every time I turned to sleep on the right side and when I getting up from the bed.

In the past I had Chiropractic treatment with great satisfying results, so instead of looking for other methods of healthcare or taking medications I booked an appointment to see Dr. Terry.

After Initial Consultation on my first visit I’ve been advised to have X – rays taken to determine the Report of Findings.

Dr. Terry explained my condition and set up the treatment plan for me. While treated at Chiropractic Clinic, he also advised to undertake Ultrasound scan at the hospital, to determine if there was also  underlying problem such as cyst, kidney stone or other cause.

I began to notice improvements from the second visit onwards and the shooting pains in my right loin area were down by 90%. I could sleep much better and my posture, neck and shoulder pains greatly improved. During my treatment, the ultrasound scan was also done at the hospital and the results were given to Dr. Terry.

I must congratulate the clinic for giving such a valuable treatment which I would recommend to anyone with a condition as I believe from past and current experience of the benefits of chiropractic care.

I would like to thank Dr.Terry and all the staff for carrying out such wonderful practice.

 Sukjinder S

Due to shoulder and neck pain along with bad posture I was unable to sleep properly, carry out certain tasks such as lifting or carrying items for some time. I seen other chiropractors, but my problem still persisted.

After 1st session with Dr. Terry I felt sense of relief right away!

While redecorating my house I am able to do DIY, lift heavy items. I am able to work for longer, spend time (quality time) doing the things which are important, spend time with my family. I am sleeping better without disturbing my partner, getting things done faster. My posture improved, I felt instant decrease in pain levels around the neck and shoulder area. I am feeling healthier than usual!

I think chiropractic care is very important to sustain an excellent quality of life. Benefits are amazing.

It’s good to ensure body is well looked after, especially for the long term.

I am very happy with the care and treatment.

Dr. Terry explains everything in detail, provides a treatment which goes beyond expectations, considering I have seen 4 other chiropractors in my lifetime, definitely the best chiropractor I’ve had to date!

Jacky G and David W

David was suffering from a very serious migraines, neck and shoulder problems for over 6 months. Nothing would help, even though doctor prescribed very strong painkillers.

After searching on internet he came across Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic. Once he had Initial Consultation and Exam with Dr. Siobhan, he was given treatment plan and exercises to relieve the pain and tension in his head while enhancing movement in his neck and shoulders.

Following with great results he received very soon after 1st review I decided to see Dr Siobhan too; I suffered with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for years. I had release operation but my condition didn’t improve much. Every day was a struggle; I had difficulty in opening things and due to bad grip used to drop things easily. My hands felt very hot all the time.

After first sessions I felt improvement, I can open the jars easily and my hands don’t feel boiling hot all the time, my posture has improved as well.

I think ongoing treatment will be helpful to maintain the extra movement in my hands.

We will continue to attend treatment sessions regularly to maintain a good health.

Benjamin R

I was in agony when I came to Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic. I was suffering from severe pain in my upper neck, right shoulder and right arm. I couldn’t sleep at night because of the consistent pain and it has really affected my daily life. On my very first visit to the clinic Dr. Terry assessed my condition and advised on a care plan, he also explained what treatment would be provided throughout the programme.

I started receiving my treatment and I have noticed a great improvement, furthermore every appointment has been supported by advice, guidance and care. Within a few sessions I felt so much better and I found total relief from pain and the quality of daily life improved significantly. I finally can sleep properly! I highly recommend Dr. Terry and Hounslow Chiropractic.

UntitledValentina M

Before attending Hounslow Chiropractic the health of my back was in a terrible condition. I had lower back pain, aches when walking in conjunction with lack of sleep. I always was in pain and the insomnia was taking its toll on me. I did not seek any medical attention as I was busy with work or my children. The adjustments I received from Dr Gopal on a regular basis helped alleviate the symptoms; I started to notice improvements within 3 weeks of treatment. I especially find it easier to fall asleep without the constant aggravation of back pain and my posture has improved greatly. I find it easier to look after my six children as walking is now an easier process. I believe Chiropractic has become an important part of my life, and helps me to keep my spine in good condition keeping the aches and pains at bay.

Chris R

Prior to receiving chiropractic care with Dr Gopal, my spine was out of place, I had subluxation in my upper spine and lower back. It affected my daily life and performance at work, at times I found it hard to breathe and the pain was unbearable. Before taking up care with Hounslow Chiropractic, to cope with my condition I enlisted the help of an Acupuncturist with no avail. I then decided to go to my GP who prescribed me pain medication. However since receiving regular adjustments I noticed major improvements within a few months. The pain was easier to manage and my life has improved tremendously due to the fact my posture and spine is now aligned, I also feel more energised than I did previously.

unnamedJasvinder G

I came into the chiropractors suffering from back and leg pain. The pain stopped me from doing everything like kitchen work and walking. I suffered from this for 5 years. It was very terrible. I tried injection in the hospital but this only helped me for a few months. After 6 weeks of care I noticed I felt much better, now I can do everything! Like going out, yoga, cooking and shopping.  My family are happier too and they are getting their food! I have more energy and over the last few weeks have noticed improvements in my sleep. I am now coming in for check-ups and believe this is important.

58b8f13e600309d9cf4b124b10ff28e5Vipan G

I had been suffering from lower back pain for the last 15 years. This was due to a disorder named spondylosis. Fifteen years ago I was forced to stop playing all sports and physical activities. This was a huge life changer for me. Even after stopping sports I was getting aches and pains in my lower back from time to time, even in the winter because of the cold weather. I had been self treating with swimming for many years. After coming to the Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic, I found that I improved 4-6 weeks later. 95% of pain has been reduced and my back feels stronger. I think that chiropractic care played a vital role in my improvement. Even after the pain has gone, chiropractic care will keep everything in place and strong so that you will not relapse. Very happy with the care received!

unnamedLucian P

Before I came to the clinic my back was in a very poor condition, by this I mean that every morning I needed between 5-10 minutes to even attempt walk properly. On a daily basis it was very hard to pick something up from the floor, let alone lift heavy equipment at work. My job involves me lifting heavy items, and this has had a negative effect on my back over the years. I have always neglected the pain that had occurred in my lower back as it kept coming and going until every step became an issue. I had to do something ! A friend of mine told me about the Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic, so I booked an appointment and met Dr Kanika. I was consulted right away and had an X-Ray taken to find out exactly where the problem was, and I started treatment. Just after 3-4 sessions I was already feeling an improvement, both mentally and physically, as I started live a normal life again. After each session I can wholeheartedly say you can feel different, you feel stronger, and your main concern is no more. I used to have to assess every step in order to make it less painful, now I don’t have to. I have finished a full treatment and I feel 70% stronger, if my job did not involve me lifting heavy objects I believe I would be 100% recovered. Dr Kanika and the clinic helped me to get back in order and my confidence. I thank them very much for that.

unnamed2Jean G

I had stiffness and some pain in my legs, hips, back and arms. After visiting the chiropractor I saw almost an immediate improvement. I can now bend with ease and generally move in a much better way. I feel that my sleep has improved too. It is important to maintain the improvement and I therefore continue to visit my chiropractor once a month. I find the practice to be professional and all the staff friendly and approachable.


unnamedNishi S

When I came in the first time and met Dr Kanika I had a constant pull in my left leg with on and off symptoms, including pins and needles and numbness. After 3 months of treatment I have overcome this problem and the symptoms have reduced by 80%. The numbness only comes back when under stress, but it gets back to normal very soon after. Thank you to Kanika and her team for helping me get my life back to normal.
Thank you.

Rajendra chiropractic testimonialRajendra P

I first saw Dr Kanika whilst she was screening in Hounslow Treaty Centre. I was suffering lot of pain in my left shoulder due to a fracture I had 2 years back which was not relieved even after many sessions with physiotherapists, it was getting worse with time especially during night so I spoke to Dr Kanika to ask for her advice. I discussed with Dr Kanika who explained the relationship between the nervous system and spinal cord with the body. She advised that I book an appointment at the clinic, after attending the practice and having an x-ray done it was revealed that I needed regular treatment to stop the pain getting worse and get me back to better health.

After one week of treatment I could see the changes and already had considerable relief  from pain. As I had such good results I have continued the treatment for maintenance of me health. After three months now I feel much stronger and don’t feel the pain that I use to suffer before.I have increased health in other parts of my life too, for example I have better sleep quality and a lot more energy daily.
I personally think chiropractic care is an important part of life, we need to look after our spine as it is the base foundation of our body and our health. I feel that Dr.Kanika Basra and the whole team in Hounslow chiropractic clinic have been wonderful and I will continue to attend to help keep my back healthy. I encourage all my family & friends to visit Hounslow family chiropractic clinic if they have any kind of health problem!

Excellent job to health & humanity…..entire Chiropractic team of Hounslow…Good luck and thank you.

Peral chiropractic testimonialPearl E

I suffered from back & leg pain for 4 months before attending the practice to see Dr Kanika. My leg pain was constant and I was really struggling at my line dancing classes and bowles club.

I was taking pill after pill to help the pain. I went to my GP for help but they told me it would go away on its own.

I found Hounslow Chiropractic on the internet and made an appointment for my initial consultation and x-rays. It was a gradual process for me, I was about 3 weeks in to my treatment program before I noticed much difference in my pain levels. My leg pain is much less now and it isn’t constant anymore either which is great. I have been able to continue participating in my hobbies and clubs and I have been more comfortable when doing so.

Chiropractic care has made that possible for me and I now understand the importance of looking after your spinal & joint health with regular adjustments, stretches and exercises.

Saadia Chiropractic TestimonialSaadia A

Before I attended the clinic I was in so much pain! The pain was worse across my shoulders, at the top of my head and in my jaw. I felt like there was a weight on my chest and I wasn’t able to inhale properly because the tension and pain in my upper body was so bad. I also had some lower back and leg pain. It was very difficult for me to work, I couldn’t even walk upstairs without using a railing to pull myself up. I also wasn’t able to sleep very well as my pain was contributing to my insomnia.

I had been taking pain killer after pain killer but they only helped for a little while. I was feeling very down and frustrated!

One lucky day, my son showed me the Hounslow Chiropractic screening stand in Uxbridge. He encouraged me to go over and talk to Dr Kanika. She explained that I was able to get help without drugs or surgery. I made an appointment and started attending the clinic.

All of my pain is now gone, there is no stiffness in my shoulder or headaches or jaw pain. I can do lots of stuff that I couldn’t do before. I have noticed other health benefits to, my posture is better and I am sleeping really well. I have been going to the stretch classes and nutrition talks so I have also noticed an improvement in my diet and digestion. All in all I am experiencing much better health . It was my son who encouraged me to do it and I am so glad now that I did. My kids have commented on how much happier I am. J

Jennifer chiropractic testimonialJennifer O

I came into Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic with back and neck pain following some years of bad manual handling as a nurse. I had previously been to A&E with chest and rib pain but received little or no help for it. The pain used to be so bad that I would physically have to crack my neck in order to feel “comfortable” but even then, my body would still ache. As a result of the constant neck pain, I also used to suffer from frequent headaches and would need to take pain killers regularly.

After about 2 weeks of receiving care from Dr Kanika Basra, the headaches disappeared. I took her advice to avoid cracking my neck very seriously and in no time, cracking my neck was no longer a habit. Now, 6 months later, I have virtually no problems with my back. I have learnt the importance of caring for my spine and have taken up yoga and pilates as well as doing regular workouts at my gym. I sleep better and no longer wake up with an achy body. I feel like my posture has greatly improved as well, and I’m sure that as I advance in the practice of yoga, it will only get better.

Life after treatment at Hounslow Family Chiropractic is definitely a hundred times better and I’m glad I looked into it.

Hounslow chiropractorCheryl V

I was lucky enough to meet Dr Kanika at the Treaty Centre. Feeling quite apprehensive and somewhat sceptical about chiropractic care with little or no knowledge, I reminded myself of the pain and convinced myself to find out what chiropractic had to offer. I had my initial consultation and x-rays and made an appointment for my report of findings as soon as possible. Having read some of the other patients feedback in the waiting area I began to feel slightly more comforted and the fact that I was able to get my results so quickly made me feel like I was on the right track. With the hospital its a very long process to get an x-ray taken and receive the results. Having discussed my results with Dr Kanika, I had been told of my condition and was extremely grateful of how much they were able to offer and instantly agreed to a 3 month corrective program.

After receiving my first few weeks of treatment, I still had some pain but was rest assured by Dr Kanika that as long as I stayed committed to my treatment and my stretches, that I would be onto a successful recovery. I continued icing my back and attending all the relevant talks about how to stretch properly and maintain my spinal health. I felt better in myself – noticing small improvements. Now that I have been having treatment for just over 2 months there has been a VAST improvement. Chiropractic care has without a doubt, changed my quality of life. I am able to sleep without waking up every 3-4 hours, I feel in myself that my posture has improved and I am able to attend work on a full time basis running around after children without having to stop and stretch every half hour because of the pain. I can also dance in my gym sessions without any bruising pain or discomfort

If you were like myself at the beginning, somewhat sceptical all I can say is that not only is the treatment itself beneficial, but what is also so valuable is that Hounslow Chiropractic offer free educational talks and practice sessions like Nutritional advice and Yoga classes. With all this combined with your treatment, and the fantastic service, I honestly feel that you are going in the direction of a healthier more positive life. I have invested into healthy eating, yoga classes, and stretches to maintain my back. All of this would not have been possible if I hadn’t met with Dr Kanika so I would like to thank her and all of the staff at the clinic for listening to our stories and treating us patients not as numbers but as true individuals

photoNeeta H

When I first came to see Dr Kanika I had very bad lower back pain. I had tried physiotherapy but my pain was still severe.

I became a patient at Hounslow Chiropractic and started my 24 visit corrective program. As the visits passed I felt my pain reducing gradually and I was able to do more and more of my normal daily activities again. I was also able to stand or walk for longer without any pain or discomfort and sit cross-legged on the floor.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the clinic. Dr Kanika has been extremely helpful and the exercises she gave me have also been very effective. All of the staff are very friendly and supportive and I would definetely recommend the treatment provided by this clinic to people suffering with pain or discomfort.

mechanicManraj S

I had lower back pain and pain in my left leg. I wasn’t able to work at my garage, this was very frustrating as I am a motor mechanic.

The only treatment I received for my condition was chiropractic but for 2 weeks before attending the practice to see Dr Sam I was relying on painkillers to manage the pain.I noticed improvement after a few sessions, I was more mobile and the pain was reducing.Now I am even able to walk without a limp, and stand without any pain or discomfort so I have been able to make a full return to my garage as I am now able to carry out all duties as normal.

I have noticed other health benefits, for example my posture is better and I sleep better at night. Ongoing chiropractic care is important for me to ensure that the problems don’t reoccur.

deedeeDeedee K

I had suffered from severe lower back pain for several months, my condition worsened to the point I couldn’t move my right leg! I was in so much pain when trying to move or walk and was struggling with my job.
I went to my GP who prescribed me strong painkillers, I didn’t take them. I don’t like taking medication and I knew that the painkillers would only mask the pain, the problem would not be fixed!I seen Dr Kanika in the Treaty centre, where I had a free spinal check. I also booked an appointment to go to the clinic for a consultation and x-rays. I was very happy with my Report of findings and started my treatment that day.
After the 2nd treatment almost all my pain and symptoms were gone although this only lasted for a short while. Gradually this lasted longer and longer, my leg pain gradually reduced to tingling and now I’m pain free.
After months of not being able to run I am now able to run again. I have also been able to attend the clinics free yoga classes every Wednesday evening.
Since starting my chiropractic care my posture and my sleep have improved as well as my energy levels. I understand the importance of maintenance care to keep this level of good spinal health 🙂


Saed Mdownload (1)

I first met Dr.Kanika in Hounslow treaty centre. I was feeling some pain in my back, which had worsened with time.
After a few weeks I booked an appointment with the clinic and after having an x-ray done it was revealed to me that I needed some help to stop the pain getting worse and get me back to good health.
After three weeks of treatment I have now seen a 100% improvement and the pain has stopped. My back now feels so much stronger and I don’t have the headaches that I use to suffer from before.
I have increased health in other parts of my life too, for example I have better sleep quality and a lot more energy.
I think chiropractic care is an important part of life; you need to look after your spine as it is the core of your body.
I feel that Dr.Kanika Basra and the whole team in Hounslow chiropractic clinic have been wonderful and I will always go back to help keep my back in tip-top condition.

photoLee McD

I have suffered for over 12 years with a lot of pain caused by a rugby injury I sustained in 2002. Being younger and fitter when I received the injury, I managed to deal with the pain but since retiring when I was 35 my back became increasingly painful and my mobility had deteriorated to the point where I was unable to exercise. My condition continued to deteriorate until I was no longer able to do simple tasks: I couldn’t put shoes or socks on, I was in great pain when trying to get in and out of bed, I couldn’t jog or run or keep fit, I was struggling to get in and out of my car and having difficulty bending down or even feeding my cats. Basically any normal activity involving movement was either impossible through lack of flexibility or filled with severe pain. The pain had to stop.

A month ago I visited the clinic seeking help. 12 sessions later I now quite happily feed my cats and put my socks and shoes on. I look forward to driving somewhere and I have even started going to the gym again. It had been 8 years since I was able to do these things without pain or fear. It has changed my life! I am able to look forward to doing my normal activities – pain free!


photoRupinder V

About 6 months ago I began to experience pain on the right side of my ribs. I visited my GP and had an x-ray taken but was only prescribed painkillers. Gradually the pain got worse until I was unable to work in my job as a nursery nurse. I paid for a private MRI scan and was told I had a muscle strain in my ribs. Physiotherapy was the recommended treatment so I started getting some private sessions as the NHS waiting list was too long. I had 10 weeks of physio and acupuncture and although I did feel the difference the pain was still constant and severe at times. I couldn’t cook, clean or do normal daily chores without help. I am a mother of 4 and even childcare was very difficult.

Eventually someone suggested that I try a chiropractor, and after searching the internet I came across the Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic. I was seen by Dr Kanika Basra and after a thorough examination and x-rays she was able to diagnose my condition. From her investigation she was able to tell me that my spine had a bend towards the right and there were misalignments in my neck too. Initially I was worried about my diagnosis but Dr Kanika reassured me that she was able to help, she explained in detail how this may have happened and how she was able to help my condition. I was relieved, finally an answer! The treatment started straight away and to be honest the first couple of sessions were very painful but after a month of care I was able to notice the difference. Before starting treatment I was taking very strong painkillers and sleeping tablets, over the weeks I have been able to stop taking these and only have a paracetamol when I really need it! I have been given exercises to do daily to assist my recovery and given on advice on using an ice pack. I am now able to carry out light chores and I’m able to cook for my family again. I’m hoping to go back to work soon too.

I would like to thank Dr Kanika and everyone at the clinic for helping me to finally find some relief from a very painful problem. I now only have to attend the practice once per week and I understand that it will be important for me to attend once per month thereafter and continue to look after my spine. At the clinic there are also stretch classes and useful talks about the health and function of the spine which have been very helpful. Eventually when I feel strong enough I will be going to their yoga classes too!


imagesJan L

I started attending Hounslow Chiropractic Clinic in the hope to cure my headaches. By the end of each working day I was so tired and my neck and back were aching. I was taking painkillers so I was able to manage but knew I was really only masking the underlying problem.

I noticed improvement in my condition almost immediately! This continued until I got to a stage where all I had to do was to maintain my spinal health.

I have been adjusted and educated to understand my condition and what triggers my flare ups. There was information available to me on stretching, exercising and nutrition as well as classes on each. Understanding this has really helped me minimize these episodes on a day to day basis.


DarshanDarshan K

I came in to see Dr Kanika with a constant pain in my lower back and right leg and sharp pain in my left arm with swelling, pins and needles, numbness and weakness.I was having really bad headaches every day with a lot of dizziness and nausea, and these headaches felt like ‘lightening’ striking in my head.

These pains were making me very depressed and distressed. I had to stop working because of my pain. I wanted to just lie in bed all day. I was unable to walk or stand more than 5 minutes, and what distressed me the most was that I had lost my routine of doing my housework and visiting the temple daily as it was just too painful to sit crossed legged on the floor.I was waking up several times at night with the pain and struggled to pick up my 7 month old granddaughter.

I had tried many therapies in the past such as physiotherapy and a steroid injection which only gave me temporary pain relief. When I came to see Dr Kanika I was taking up to 5 painkillers everday but they weren’t helping much with the pain. With the side effects of the medications I was feeling even more dizzy, but also very forgetful and confused. For example I would put a ticket for my car park but forget the time it ran out. This was making me feel even more distressed and down.

As my headaches and leg pains were so bad before seeing Dr Kanika, at one point I was convinced that I had a tumour and I kept telling my doctor to carry out more tests to find out what was going on and why my pains were not being reduced.I finally came to see Dr Kanika for Chiropractic Care. After just one month of Chiropractic care I have seen a significant reduction in my pain. I now take fewer painkillers, I can walk now over 20 minutes and stand for over 30 minutes and the best thing is that I can now sit more comfortably crossed legged on the floor at the temple.

I feel that Chiropractic has given me my life back! I am more relaxed, less stressed and much happier as I can do a lot more without pain. As I now have more energy, I jump out of bed as early as 5.00 am every day and begin my daily routine of housework and visiting the temple.

I am so grateful that I have begun Chiropractic treatment! My friends and family have all seen a pronounced improvement in my health and have noticed how much happier I now am with less pain. I recommend Chiropractic care to everybody with back pain and headaches, as you never know how Chiropractic can help!

NareshNaresh S

I noticed I started getting back pain in my lower back and was occasionally starting to have headaches which would cause severe pain in my head and leave me unable to focus and carry on with my work.

Running my own business, I can not afford to have a serious injury to my back which would cause me to be away from work for a vast period of time as this would have severe repercussions for my business.

In order to avoid any injuries and absence for work I sought a consultation from Kanika Basra.

Having sought a consultation and receiving the results for my x-rays it was advised that I would need to undergo some treatment and undertake exercises in order to ensure my back did not worsen and that I could strengthen the same and loosen the tight muscles on my neck and shoulders.

I was advised to change the manner in which I undertook my day to day work in the office by sitting correctly and ensuring that my laptop was always at an eye level.

I noticed the effects of the changes for the same almost within a week and have now ensured that I continue with the changes advised.

After a few sessions I noticed that I was able to move my neck and back a lot more than I was previously able to.

After a few further sessions I noticed that my back, neck and shoulder muscles had loosened and I was not feeling as stiff as I used to feel.

I am now able to feel confident that if I follow the advise provided and continue the exercises suggested that I will be able to maintain my back in a manner in which will avoid any possible problems in the future.

With ongoing maintenance I feel assured that I will avoid any future back problems.

I found the level of service provided to be of a very high and professional level and all the staff to be friendly.

I was able to undertake the treatment without any effect to my working hours and was able to see Kanika first thing in the morning and still make it to work in good time. This was one of the best possible things as it didn’t cause any negative effect to my business.

I will be highly recommending Kanika and the practice to any one who I feel may need any chiropractic care.


Patient Feedback for Hounslow Chiropractic Clinic Chris C

I attended the practice in September 2013 to see Dr Sam. I started to notice great improvements within 2 weeks of care. I was in much less pain and no longer suffering with headaches so I was able to stop taking pain relief medication.

Over time my regular chiropractic care has made an obvious improvement to my posture and mobility, I continue care to maintain that and keep my body functioning well!

Hounslow Chiropractic Patient TestimonialEiEi H

Within 10 days of visiting Dr Sam and his super team at Hounslow Family Chiropractic I had noticed decreased aches and pains aswell as improvements in my posture and flexibility. My energy levels are much better and I have a more positive outlook now. To my surprise I’ve had no headaches recently!


Hounslow Chiropractic Patient Testimonial Grace S

I feel much better in the short space of time I have been attending the practice to see Dr Sam.

My pain level is much lower which has resulted in me having a more positive attitude again as well as higher energy levels. My posture and flexibility have improved since starting my program and I am able to sleep better now!

I would definitely recommend chiropractic treatment to anyone suffering with spinal issues or general aches and pains.

Patient Feedback for Hounslow Chiropractic ClinicLia C

I have been attending this clinic to see Dr Kanika for one month, I am so glad I took up Chiropractic care! I am much happier now that I have no pain. I no longer have to take medication and even my posture, flexibility and sleep have improved.

In general my moods are better as it has become a lot easier to do daily tasks and to enjoy a better quality of life. I would like to thank Dr Kanika and all of the staff at the practice. Thank you very much!

Manjit B

I noticed great improvements in my condition within 2 weeks of starting care. Not only had my pain level dropped, I was able to sleep better, my posture and flexibility were improving and I was able to enjoy a better quality of life. All in all a great service!!!

Manjula S

Within 3 weeks of beginning my chiropractic care I was able to notice many benefits in my body and health.

My posture, flexibility and digestion were all improving! Not to mention that due to my decreased level of aches and pains I was able to walk for  longer periods of time without discomfort and it became easier to do simple daily tasks.

Patient Feedback for Hounslow Chiropractic Clinic Priscilla

I attended the practice to see Dr Kanika as my mother had recently began care with her and she was getting very good results. Within the short space of 1 week of starting care I was able to notice improvements in my condition and symptoms. My pain level had decreased and I had less general aches and discomforts. I had also noticed that my posture and flexibility had improved noticeably. Being out of pain meant I had a more positive attitude, daily activities became easier again and I was able to breastfeed my newborn child for longer without struggling with my back pain.

Satty Kalkat

I attended Hounslow Chiropractic Clinic in December 2013 as I had been suffering from Sciatica which was giving me severe pain in my left leg. My movement was massively restricted by the pain and it was becoming increasingly difficult to do simple daily tasks.

By my third session my pain level had decreased and my range of motion and my movement had vastly improved. I was able to walk with ease, sleep better and stop taking pain relief!

I would thoroughly recommend the 2 month corrective program to anyone.

Hounslow Chiropractic PatientShammy K

I have been attending the practice to see Dr Sam for about 1 month. Although my back pain hasn’t gone completely yet I am much more comfortable as the pain level as a lot lower than it originally was. I am able to do daily activities much more easily and I am sleeping better, I have also been able to stop taking painkillers. Having chiropractic care has also made me more aware of my posture and I am able to correct myself now when I go to cross my legs when sitting.