Low Back Pain Research Published In The Lancet

If you are suffering low back pain right now you’ll know the impact it has on your life! It’s affect can be wide reaching from sleeping to standing to sitting – it’s surprising how much your back is involved in what you do every day! Unfortunately low back pain is not uncommon and is on […]

Can Your Marriage Survive the Test of Back Pain?

Chronic pain can have a domino effect — not only can it disrupt your life and force you to manage pain, it can also change your personal relationships. According to our team at Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic, interactions with your partner, children, family, and friends can alter in many ways due to the physical limitations […]

Little Known Natural Pain Busters

Looking for a natural way to ease your pain? Our team at our Hounslow Family Chiropractic clinic has some surprising tips that could just work wonders for you: 1: Eat hot Ironically, eating painfully spicy foods can help to reduce chronic pain. If you can handle the hot stuff, try adding wasabi and cayenne pepper […]

How Your Mobile Could Damage Your Neck & Spine

If we’re honest, most of us spend a little too much time texting or surfing the internet on our mobile phones and tablets. And while it’s become the “norm” to not go more than an hour or so without checking for texts or social media updates, such habits can pose a damaging risk to our […]

Back Pain Is Starting Younger and Younger

Life in your twenties is all about the good things in the world, right? Exciting career prospects, plans to start a family of your own, fun-filled travelling adventures… Well not necessarily… Recent research* from the British Chiropractic Association has worryingly revealed that over a fifth of women aged just 28 have experienced, or currently suffer […]

The Surprising Culprit of Your Back Pain…

If you’re one of the many people who can’t leave the house without your handbag (and what seems like your life’s belongings in tow!), then you could be putting the health of your spine at risk. Here at the Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic, we are seeing more and more patients who suffer from back pain […]

Put Back Pain To Rest, For Good!

Put Back Pain To Rest, For Good!

“What causes back pain?” That’s a question we’ve been asked so many times at our family chiropractic clinic in Hounslow! While it can be tricky for many patients to pin point where their aches and pains are coming from, there are some non-obvious causes of back pain that could be simple enough to resolve. Sleeping […]

Hounslow Chiropractic Clinic

Easter is nearly here! A leading Housnlow Chiropractor shares these tips about how to keep your back safe when travelling this Easter

As Easter is approaching, many of you will be travelling to visit family or taking a well-earned holiday. Travelling for a long time in the car can be exhausting and can also bad for your back. Here at Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic we would like to share some tips and advice on how to keep […]

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Helping to look after mothers this Mothers Day – Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic shares these posture tips when looking after young children

At our Hounslow Chiropractor we know just how hard Mothers work, especially when trying to juggle work and looking after young children. Picking up children and even playing with them, can cause quite a strain to your back. A recent study found that 61% of parents suffer from back pain with over 40% saying that […]

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Has TV show The Jump inspired you to get on your skis? Our Hounslow Chiropractor offers this advice on keeping safe in the snow

With the final episode of ‘The Jump’ seeing Joey Essex crowned champion, taking to the snow may seem tempting to some. Especially with February half term coming up. While taking to the slopes can be great fun and provides a great form of exercise, there is also a risk of injury. As with every type […]