Common Triggers For Back & Neck Pain Revealed

According to our experienced team of chiropractors at our busy chiropractic clinic in Hounslow many cases of back or neck pain are as a result of activities that we undertake each day. It is not that surprising to our chiropractors that the findings of recent consumer research revealed by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) lists […]

The state of Britain’s back health revealed

To mark Chiropractic Awareness Week in April, the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) revealed the results of consumer research undertaken into the state of the nation’s back health. The BCA has developed a map highlighting how different regions are faring with regards to back health and also which regions are doing the most, or ;east, to […]

Three Ways Your Damaging Your Neck Health

Stiff or sore neck?  According to our team at our Family Chiropractic Clinic in Hounslow, there are three things you could be doing that could be harming your neck.   Sitting at a computer Sitting down puts around 40% more pressure on your spine than standing. And the likelihood is you won’t be thinking about […]

Are You Sitting on a Back Problem?

Hunched back and ‘text neck’? Poking out your chin? Rounding your shoulders? Cradling your phone? These are the mistakes that lead many patients to visit our Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic. These are the simple, everyday bad habits that are causing so many people to develop chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. It’s easy to slump […]

How Texting Can Ruin Your Spine

You may be surprised to learn this but a number of patients who visit our Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic suffer from painful spine conditions as a result of Text Neck. And the condition is becoming more and more common. A modern-day term used to describe back or spinal pain damage caused by hunching over technological […]

Is your sedentary lifestyle becoming a pain in the back?  A Hounslow Chiropractor takes a look at how you can make changes

Is your sedentary lifestyle becoming a pain in the back? A Hounslow Chiropractor takes a look at how you can make changes

No one likes back or neck pain. It can be very painful, it can be annoying and it can really affect your life in a negative manner. Despite how bad back or neck pain can be for you, there are more and more of us are suffering from it than ever before. As a leading […]

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Easter is nearly here! A leading Housnlow Chiropractor shares these tips about how to keep your back safe when travelling this Easter

As Easter is approaching, many of you will be travelling to visit family or taking a well-earned holiday. Travelling for a long time in the car can be exhausting and can also bad for your back. Here at Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic we would like to share some tips and advice on how to keep […]

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Helping to look after mothers this Mothers Day – Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic shares these posture tips when looking after young children

At our Hounslow Chiropractor we know just how hard Mothers work, especially when trying to juggle work and looking after young children. Picking up children and even playing with them, can cause quite a strain to your back. A recent study found that 61% of parents suffer from back pain with over 40% saying that […]

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Has TV show The Jump inspired you to get on your skis? Our Hounslow Chiropractor offers this advice on keeping safe in the snow

With the final episode of ‘The Jump’ seeing Joey Essex crowned champion, taking to the snow may seem tempting to some. Especially with February half term coming up. While taking to the slopes can be great fun and provides a great form of exercise, there is also a risk of injury. As with every type […]

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Want to impress this Valentine’s Day? A Hounslow Chiropractor shares this advice on how to improve your posture

Want to impress that special someone this Valentine’s Day? To make a good first impression you need to look confident. Your posture is a key factor in helping you look and feel confident, your back will also thank you in years to come if you look after it now. There are many benefits from having […]