Improving posture whilst using technology with Hounslow Chiropractic Clinic

More tech time than sleep time can damage your health – Tips from Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic

New technology is great. It has really enhanced our lives and changed it for the better. We can do banking, work and importantly connect with people all across the world in an instant. It really is remarkable what technology is capable of. However this does come at a price and a new report claims the […]

Cycling advice from Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic

Planning to get on your bike – Keep your body in good condition with advice from Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic

The summer may be nearing an end and for many of that will mean no more casual cycling. However since the exploits of the British cycling teams from the 2008 Olympics through to the 2013 Tour De France and ever since, cycling has been a growing sport in the UK. Numbers have grown a staggering […]

Hounslow Chiropractor

Bank Holiday Getaway Travelling – Advice from a leading Hounslow Chiropractor to keep your back safe

One of the busiest bank holiday weekends of the year is upon us this week. The August bank holiday is a great one, the kids have been off for weeks and want an exciting end to their summer and the weather is set to be ok for most us. This means a lot you will […]

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Paracetamol and back pain – Advice from a leading Hounslow Chiropractor

Back pain is a very common problem amongst men and women all across the country. It isn’t a very nice thing to deal with; it can hurt a lot, make you lethargic and in particularly bad cases can leave you all but debilitated. Many of us suffering with back pain will turn to painkillers to […]


We have various classes and talks in the practice each month, our schedule for the rest of August is as follows: How to sit, sleep and stand (properly) Thursday 14th August at 6pm Our monthly topical health talk will focus on posture this month! Posture is the window to our spine – being aware of […]