Does this sound familiar!

Does this sound familiar!

Causes of Low Back Pain Low back pain is extremely common and in fact, does not only affect the middle aged and elderly, but more and more younger people even in their teens or early 20s are being affected nowadays. There are many factors that contribute to low back pain: lifestyle, poor posture, sleeping on […]

Headaches are a real pain in the.....

Headaches are a real pain in the…..

Headaches Primary headaches are a common health issue that people experience in their lifetime.  Frequent or severe headaches can affect a person’s quality of life.  Primary headaches may be due to: over activity of specific areas of the brain, blood vessels, muscles, nerves or brain chemicals. Headaches can cause various types of pain. Stress can […]

TEXT NECK INJURY.....We Can Help!!


  Firstly, protect your neck! Your neck is the bridge connecting your brain to your body and your well-being! “Text neck” – (also known as military neck) is a term used recently and commonly for a repetitive stress injury and “excessive” texting on your mobile, tablet, used to be the primary cause. The “text neck” […]