Why Y- Strap all you need to know

Why Y – Strap Treatments

The Y – Strap is a head stretching technique to stretch and decompress the whole spine along the Y – Axis of the body allowing hydration and vital nutrients back into the vertebral disc space to allow for healing to take a place.

The pulling applied by the skilled/experienced practitioner depends on the practitioner’s findings from a thorougher case history, exam findings, vital signs, X-ray findings, MRI findings, other diagnostic findings and age.

Not Everyone who is suffering from spinal pain is a candidate for Y – Strap treatment. The experienced practitioner will use their professional judgement based on the patients finding to determine if this method of technique will benefit the patient and achieve the successful results they want for their patient.

However, need to mention Y – Strap is not used on Acute Spinal Strain/Strains, injuries, or chronic spinal strain/strains.

More importantly, Y – Strap is a safe technique because there’s no bending or twisting of the head and neck.

Furthermore, spinal decompression using the Y – Strap technique can effectively treat a number of vertebral disc related problems such as but not limited to:


1. Vertebral Disc Herniation

2. Vertebral bulgy Disc

3. Spinal Stenosis

4. Impinged Nerves

5. Migraines

6. Headaches

7. Chronic Lower back pain

8. Chronic Neck Pain

9. Chronic Mid – back pain

10. Spinal Disc Degeneration

Don’t Delay, call our office today to see if you are a candidate for Y-Strap Treatment. Especially if you are suffering from any of the conditions mentioned above.

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Written by Lisa D.