Your First and subsequent visits to Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic explained

Your 1st Visit to the Clinic                                                                                                                                             

Initial Consultation, Examination 

Includes: Full Case History, Posture assessment, ROM (Range of Motion), Chiropractic, Neurological and Orthopaedic examination. *X-ray Examination (if applicable)



Your 2nd Visit to the Clinic

Report of Findings and Adjustment (Treatment**)

Report of Findings is where the Chiropractor will discuss further with you the best treatment options for your health.

Reduced treatment fees are available with our “Treatment Programme Plans” if deemed appropriate and recommended by your Chiropractor. Also available for Students and Pensioners.

Treatment Programs ***

We have created 3 specific Treatment Programs which are designed, depending on whether you’re looking for fast relief that gets you back to work, recreation, or sports activities as quickly as possible, and for those with medium to longer term issues that require more care to help you improve, maintain and achieve Better Spinal Health which ultimately means a Better Life!!

Good Start Program

Includes 5% discount on: 12 Chiropractic sessions, 1 Physio and 2 Massages sessions….

Health Changing Program (Most Popular)

includes 10% discount on: 18 Chiropractic sessions, 1 physiotherapy  and 10 massage sessions….

Life Changing Program

includes 20% discount on26 Chiropractic Sessions, 2 physiotherapy and 16 massage sessions….

*X-rays may be taken at initial consultation if applicable and charge applied accordingly.

** First treatment includes Report of Findings and pay as you go fee for each further session unless specific treatment Plan applied. 

*** Discounts apply when pay on the day of first treatment


Missed appointment charges apply if 24 hours notice is not given.

The following payment methods are accepted:

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