Chiropractic Consultation £60 Only £48! – Limited Time Special Offer if you book online

On your first visit you will receive a full Case history, Orthopaedic, Chiropractic, Neurological and Physical examination

Please note: X-rays may be deemed necessary to aid diagnosis and future management for you….

X-rays £41/set *

Treatment per Session £40**

Treatment Programs ***

We have created 3 specific Treatment Programs which are designed, depending on whether you’re looking for fast relief that gets you back to work, recreation, or sports activities as quickly as possible, and for those with medium to longer term issues that require more care to help you improve, maintain and achieve Better Spinal Health which ultimately means a Better Life!!

Your Chiropractor will discuss which is best for you at your Report of Findings….


*  X-rays are per/set includes two views for one area of the spine, if 2 sets required then £66

** First treatment includes Report of Findings and pay as you go fee for each further session unless specific treatment Plan applied. 

*** Discounts only apply when pay on the day of first treatment