Put Back Pain To Rest, For Good!

back pain sleeping“What causes back pain?” That’s a question we’ve been asked so many times at our family chiropractic clinic in Hounslow! While it can be tricky for many patients to pin point where their aches and pains are coming from, there are some non-obvious causes of back pain that could be simple enough to resolve. Sleeping on an unsuitable mattress, for example, is a common cause of back pain, and one that many patients don’t always consider.

Suffering from back pain? Our Hounslow chiropractor suggests the following:

A good clue to watch out for to judge if your mattress is to blame for your back pain is to take note of when your pain occurs. If you frequently wake up with back pain that eases shortly after, your mattress could be the culprit! Another sign that your mattress needs changing is tossing and turning or waking up more frequently during the night.  We recommend that should replace your mattress at least every eight years – even if you don’t currently suffer with back pain.

Sometimes, small changes make big differences!