Meet The Team at Hounslow Family Chiropractic Clinic


Dr Jason Donaldson DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

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I was raised in Jersey from a young age and this amazing island, gave me the wonderful opportunity to live the outdoors lifestyle I love so much!

I was always surfing or golfing or playing rugby (in my younger years!!). Now I am here in Hounslow and a bit far from the sea. However I am a passionate golfer and taught the great game for a few years after university.

I graduated from McTimoney College of Chiropractic with an integrated Masters in Chiropractic, having previously studied at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic at the University of Glamorgan.

I am a member of the McTimoney Chiropractic Association and registered with the General Chiropractic Council (Registration No. 03625).

I am still a keen sportsman, and I have a wide experience in treating sports related injuries especially in sports rehabilitation. In 2015 I worked as part of the Island Games Medical Team treating and helping athletes in all disciplines from all over the world.

“I have a passion for helping others, which led me down the path of Chiropractic into a career that allows me to provide my patients with high quality musculoskeletal healthcare”



Dr Lisa Dadalia  Osteomyologist.


I obtained  my Bachelor of Science in Biology from Fairleigh Dickinson
University in New Jersey, USA, where I did extensive research in
studies of microbiology.
Thereafter attended Life University, Georgia, USA and graduated with
honors CUM Laude where I obtained my Doctorate of Chiropractic and
then practiced as a Chiropractor specialising in Personal Injury in New
Jersey, USA for 10 years.
I then moved to a warmer climate of Athens, Greece where I continued to practice
Chiropractic for 16 years. Recently, I moved to England and practicing as an
*Osteomyologist bringing all my extensive knowledge of my many years in practice helping patients
feeling better and also get them back on the road of  health once more!!
I enjoy attending seminars and keeping up with the latest news,
technology regarding our health so I may pass that benefit along to my patients.
I love to travel and explore the world’s exotic places and fine
dine in all types of restaurants.
*Osteomology is the study of bones and muscles which is interrelated to
Chiropractic and runs parallel with its treatment protocols.
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 Miss Sylwia Momont Physiotherapist BSc MSc


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Miss Sylwia Momont is a highly skilled physiotherapist. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2007 (Poland) and her Master’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2009 (Poland). Currently she is a student of osteopathy at Polish Academy of Osteopathy (Poland).

Sylwia works as hands-on therapist applies a range of techniques and exercises. Every treatment is matched to the individual needs of each patient. The treatment methods include, soft tissue mobilisation techniques, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release, PNF method and GDS muscle chain method.

She specialises in: neck pain, lower back pain, orthopaedic problems (knee, hip, shoulder, elbow), postural alterations, sport injures, neurological problems, pregnancy care, pelvis pain, woman’s care, postural muscle imbalance.

Sylwia has always been passionate about health and wellness. She enjoys working with people to help them improve movement and understand their bodies and the way they should function.

She has a holistic approach to treatment. She seeks to identify and treat the cause of the presenting problem, rather than focusing only on relieving the symptoms. Treatment with her can involve lifestyle advise and exercise to address maintaining factors.