STRESS…Now there’s a word you hear EveryDay!!

Stress is a reaction to fear, emotions that affects our physical and mental well-being. When we do get stressed, our fight or flight mechanism kicks in causing hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol to be released into our bodies. This is where our body can exhibit extra ordinary physical activities and endurance. Prolonged hormonal release from our bodies can lead to “burn out” therefore, causing us to sustain varies types of disease or dysfunction.

When we do experience tension caused by stress it causes us to feel tight and achy. Neck pain, one of the most common symptoms…may feel achy, tender and or tight, and can spread to your shoulders. However, chronic neck pain may feel more severe, such as sharp, deep, burning, throbbing pain and sometimes is accompanied by a headache or migraine. This is called a tension headache.

A tension headache, is a common type of a headache causing a moderate to severe pain in the forehead, scalp and neck. Tightness of the trapezius muscle in the neck and shoulder are common to tension headaches along with neck stiffness and scalp muscles tightness and sometimes even jaw pain.

Chiropractors and Osteomyologists are experts in dealing with neck pain, headaches and helping migraine suffers. They can soothe the nervous system with their treatments and lessen the fight and flight response that most people experience when stressed.

Adjustments, Y Strap and Activator  techniques are great to help decompress the spinal cord, relieving pressure off the nerve as well as manual  TMJ (Jaw) techniques used to restore better health and relieve the pain.

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